Portland Auto Uphosltery

In order to deep-clean the upholstery on car seats, it’s important to shampoo the upholstery in addition to vacuuming the car. Discover how to wash deep into a car’s upholstery with help from a professional car detailing specialist in this free video on auto detailing and cleaning.

25 thoughts on “Portland Auto Uphosltery

  1. fwriedwice

    Yeah good process, but not many people have hot water extractors if they’re
    not pro detailers. I am one and I can’t see spending the thousands one of
    those costs. The closest comparable would be the Little Green Machine. You
    can also just do it all with a scrubber, cleaner, water, and microfiber

  2. tke359

    Great video. Another consideration for those that don’t have a steam
    cleaner is Car Brite X3 Fabric Cleaner. It does a great job lifting stains
    even on the newer fabric seats that are so tough to clean.

  3. CoswayCleaningSuppli

    Sorry but his technique is not very good. You should never push downon the
    upholstery tool. Once you make contact you have to pull up and back, this
    way you do not soak the foam under the fabric. You only need to clean the
    fabric. He should have pretreated the upholstery first, then extract with
    one pass. It should not be wet 24 hours later (next day) are you trying to
    grow mold? Use 100 psi and dual 3 stage vacs to get it dry fast. good luck
    from WeTeachCarpetCleaning

  4. lizard944

    @moparperformancepart Agreed. Geez I just don’t have the time to correct
    all of these “expert” detailers. Mopar is correct..that is not a vacuum,
    it’s an extractor. You are wasting product by pushing the nozzle forward
    while spraying and leaving the solution behind you. Spray and SLOWLY drag
    the vacuum nozzle towards you in one direction only. Keyword: TOWARDS.
    Spots/stains should be pretreated. There should be some regulation in this
    profession, perhaps a license needed. Aye carumba!

  5. autosalonleschi1

    Try some spraying the seat with disolve all first, then wipe the seat down
    with a brush or sponge then go a little slower with your carpet extrator
    wand. This will give you better results Danielson.

  6. SickKidsProductions

    @assman255 Considering we are a production company (more than one of us
    operating the account) and not a “YOU” in specific, id call you a epic fail
    for not realizing that. 🙂

  7. VooDoo Calugaru

    you got heat in your car…you can turn that on and live the car runing for
    like 1 hour and it will be dry

  8. kMC303

    Do you detail cars for a living? No I think not. So why are you judging
    others. How do you know exactly what he did or did not do. The video is
    only 2 minutes long. Give the dude a break.

  9. GetMeTech IT & Security Cameras

    Your videos have great tips but one thing that would be cool to add is more
    footage of you actually doing the work and then show the final product.
    Kind of like a before and after thing, to show how well these techniques
    actually work.

  10. jerry goff

    wow I see you like rush?? To bad you cant be as cool as the music you like!
    I will not respond to anymore of your comments since you are such a dick!
    So fire away!!

  11. Da Coder

    Thanks, now let me just go buy a thousands of dollars worth of stuff to do

  12. MyMoney12341

    Well, guys, he *is* showing us how to *professionally* clean a car’s
    upholstery seats.

  13. MrsArmymomof2

    I’m so excited…going to detail my honeys truck today! I need to shampoo
    the seats……………………………after I spend 8000 on a
    professional heavy steel cleaner. Guess Ill clean monarchs off the

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