Portland Content Creation

Taking on dual roles: content creation and analytics—
Digital and big data are requiring that content marketing leaders take on an analytics role to inform their creative investments. It is no different for the Portland Trail Blazers. Their marketing team has recognized the importance of wearing multiple hats. It’s not good enough anymore to be a one trick pony. Analytics expertise needs to inform content marketing decisions, as native is the majority of how they approach their marketing strategy.

Refining the art of internally shopping good ideas—

Taking on dual roles as content creators and analytics gatherers presents an age-old interesting challenge: how to shop new ideas in-house for consensus and support. Data can provide new information, which might cause a marketer to invest in a radical idea supported by analytics. How do you present it to your team? It’s a challenge we can all relate to and merits attention.

Dan Harbison continues our conversation by explaining why his team is wearing these multiple hats and tackling the difficult issue of vetting new ideas.

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