Ultrasound Therapy

This video explains what is going on when a patient goes to a physical therapy office, chiropractic office or Doctor’s office and is given an ultrasound/ultrasonic treatment. How does ultrasound work, what is it doing, what are the considerations for using. Bob Johnson of http://www.medfaxxinc.com explains why depth of penetration, size of ultrasound head or crystal, frequency of treatment whether a continuous ultrasound or pulsed ultrasound is important as it relates to the body part being treated and goals of the treatment. MedFaxx, Inc. rents and sells ultrasound equipment and needs to know what the goals are to determine whether to rent ultrasound unit or purchase one for home use.

14 thoughts on “Ultrasound Therapy

  1. ineed2no2

    I owe you BIG TIME! Thanks for the TIME and THOUGHT put into this. I needed
    2 know this. Had Rotator Cuff Surgery and Ulnar nerve surgery 2 YEARS AGO,
    and still don’t have full use of my (dominant) right arm/hand! Hubby just
    bought me the Novasonic, and now I feel comfy in using it! YEA–YOU!

  2. villagefem

    MAY USE IT… yes .. thank you

  3. sweethotcandy29

    Thanks for posting. I’m considering purchasing a portable unit but I did
    not know what to buy.

  4. jamaika De la zeus

    I finally understand something that I have been using for so long.thank you

  5. 7digitalSunday

    hi bob, is there an ultrasound that could penetrate to the pelvic floor
    muscles and work on a muscle spasm there ? it seems quite deep into the
    tissue, probably 2-3 inches. i have seen urologists and physical
    therapists and at this point i am aware of the muscle spasm, i can feel the
    location. prior to this work it was more of a numbness. the problem is
    when i go to relax the area to urinate, there is relaxation-then a sharp
    pain,- the the muscles involuntarily contract – which stops the attempt to
    urinate. i read some research by lilius and valtonen who were able to
    release the levator ani after a series of treatments with 1mhz. so what do
    you think ?

  6. Hilary Palencar

    Excellent tutorial for people who aren’t trained medically. Thank you for
    this video.

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